In 1863, Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district.

The actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin was the company's first creator; he prepared make-up and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. In 1868, Ponsin entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois. The company blossomed in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known.

With over 150 years of Beauty expertise, Bourjois continue to invent, create and design innovative, feminine products that simplify beauty, whilst providing unique looks that are tasteful and easy to achieve. The original Bourjois mission still remains true today; to enable every woman to fully express her inner style and creativity. At Bourjois, they have personality, and they love women who have personality, too.

Bourjois Baguette Magique Eyeliner Pencil

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