Face Mask
Nourish, restore & replenish. For combination & dry skin types. Use twice weekly.

Mother Nature Knows Best

Made with simple, clean ingredients. Our gentle & creamy facial mask with skin sweeping Blueberry Seeds lifts away residual surface oils & impurities to restore your complexion to its natural baby-soft disposition. Infusions of Pomegranate, Ginseng & Orange Peel are mild cleansing astringents, while nourishing Honey acts as Nature’s re-hydrating humectant, attracting moisture to leave your skin cleansed, smooth and replenished. Cruelty free and paraben free.


Made With
Ginseng Extract
Orange Extract
Pomegranate Extract
Blueberry Seed

Cottage Greenhouse Orange & Honey Face Mask

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10 Grams
  • 2 oz

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