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You can change the destiny of your skin.

That's the philosophy behind Moisture Liposome.

The most essential factor for strong, beautiful and healthy skin is care that supplies and maintains high-quality, continuous moisture to keep skin in a prime condition - resistant to dryness, roughness, and other troubles.

A lightweight, super-moisturizing serum, Moisture Liposome, with Liposome Technology™, effortlessly becomes one with skin to promote a smooth, healthy, and radiant condition.

Highly compatible with skin, multilayered capsules measuring just 0.1 to 0.2 micrometers composed of biomimetic phospholipid bilayers are time-released to infuse skin with lasting, all-day hydration; improving skin’s texture, firmness and translucence.

Works in synergy with skin while enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare products that follow.

Decorte Liposome Serum (mini)

SKU: DE1407281303750