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•A revolutionary mascara refresher that softens your existing mascara for easy re-styling throughout the day.

•Revive your mascara with this clump-resistant formula – no makeup removers needed!

•94% said product enhanced existing mascara*

•91% said lashes looked revived and more amplified*

•91% said lashes looked lengthened and more volumized*

•87% said lashes looked more separated and defined*

•86% said lashes looked more lifted and curled*

•Adds colour and intensity

•Does not clump, smudge or flake

*Consumer testing on 176 people after one week of product use.*

Mac Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

SKU: MM240012005000
  • 22 fl oz / 6.5 ml

(Discounted from Suggested Retail Price)
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