Oh, these babes? Just Morphe's four synthetic and natural eye brushes you need to pull off all the gorgeous looks. Go on and give 'em a sweep.

Collection includes:

  • Oval Shadow Brush: The eye's the limit with this thick brush that both packs on color and diffuses edges. BRISTLE TYPE: synthetic
  • Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush: A blending powerhouse with a round and firm brush head that's perfect for seamless transitions and stunning creations. BRISTLE TYPE: natural
  • Tapered Mini Blender Brush: This small-and-mighty, tapered brush is great for controlled blending. BRISTLE TYPE: natural
  • Angle Liner Brush: Amp up your sultry stare with this fine, firm brush for perfect strokes of eyeliner. BRISTLE TYPE: synthetic

Morphe Eye Got This 4-Piece Eye Brush Collection

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  • 4 brushes x 7 inches

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