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•Get flawless skin in a flash with PHAs, the no-downtime exfoliating acid and key ingredient in Ole’s first one-step at-home facial.

•What makes PHAs so special? They’re fat, literally.

•Like AHAs, PHAs deliver skin-perfecting, age-fighting results, but PHAs are just a little “plumper.”

•They’re a bigger molecule, so they don’t go as deep as they loosen up the “glue” that binds the surface layer of skin together, and reveal the newer, fresher skin underneath.

•That means less irritation and recovery time for everyone—even sensitive types.

•Whether your plans involve a red carpet and limo or red wine and the couch, this innovative at-home facial is the ultimate “get ready with me” prep step.

•The massage-activated formula creates a perfecting cocoon, then instantly reveals smoother, illuminated, no-filter-necessary skin.

Ole Henriksen Phat Glow Facial

SKU: OH2500500005350
  • 1.7 fl oz

(Discounted from Suggested Retail Price)
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