The peel is a “Protein Peel”. Spread the peel very thinly over the skin using damp hands. Peel the upper half of the face (nose, undereye, forehead, eyebrow, temples). Complete this process entirely, and then start again and peel the bottom half of the face (cheeks, jowl, neck, jawline). Massage gently over the skin in a circular motion, using a little water on your hand to activate properly. Within 15-20 seconds, you will feel new tiny solids under your fingertips. These new solids are the combination of the product and the protein on the surface of your skin (dead cells!). Continue this massaging motion across the body area you are treating for about 2 minutes until all the product has converted to skin/product “bits”.


Pro tip: Dark under-eye circles are often dead skin, which absorbs light, making the area appear darker. Peel this area gently using the product on your ring fingers and watch the darkness disappear!

Real Chemistry has learned a lot since our re-launch in June 2014. Over 100,000 reviews on have been very illuminating and one thing we learned was that our directions for how to use this new category of peel could be clearer.


The peel was originally tested in 2011-2012 in relatively humid locations (Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas, and Tennessee) and this testing environment did not allow for significant climate variance so it appears we missed something. We discovered when we launched and began reviewing consumer feedback, some consumers were experiencing performance issues with the product if the peel was allowed to dry completely. If it is allowed to dry completely on the skin, it will not activate correctly. These revised directions should be helpful.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel (travel size)

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