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•Experiencing dryness and roughness in skin?

•We have the perfect fit for your everyday skin concerns.

•SheaMoisture skincare brings to you a Shea Moisture Smoothing Creme Body Scrub formula buffs away dry skin cells to instantly reduce rough skin.

•The perfect blend of Manuka Honey with Mafura Oil makes this exfoliating body scrub a perfect hydration formula for rough and dry skin.

•Shea Moisture Smoothing Creme Body Scrub with Manuka Honey is an ultra-lush, exfoliating body scrub that melts into the skin to give the perfect hydration your skin needs.

•Manuka Honey With Fair Trade Shea Butter makes this Shea Moisture Creme Body scrub a perfect fit for rough and dry skin.

•Dispense a generous amount of this SheaMoisture smoothing creme body scrub on to your hands.

•Massage gently using circular motions, concentrating on rough, dry areas.

•Lather and rinse.

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Smoothing Crème Body Scrub

SKU: SM13000050001
  • 11.3 oz / 320 g

(Discounted from Suggested Retail Price)
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