Prep yourself before you perfect yourself! Turn up the base with this vegan, coconut priming serum that hydrates your skin for 12 hours. This rich yet lightweight makeup magnet is infused with a blend of coconut (yum!) & botanicals to help nourish & smooth skin's appearance.

Tarte's Double Duty Beauty Base Tape Hydrating Primer absorbs quickly, enhances foundation application & hydrates skin. Triple threat.

What It Does:
  • Extends wear of foundation & keeps skin hydrated for 12 hours
  • Jojoba & grapeseed extract help moisturize
  • Infused with coconut for smoothing benefits & delicious scent

Why Tarte Loves It: It absorbs quickly, enhances foundation application & hydrates your skin. Triple threat.

Clinical Results*:
  • Proven to hydrate skin for up to 12 hours
  • Proven to extend the wear of foundation
Consumer Panel Results**:

Immediately before foundation:
  • 100% said it absorbed quickly & easily into skin
  • 100% said skin appeared hydrated & felt soft
  • 97% said skin felt instantly hydrated & smoother
  • 97% said skin felt nourished & had a healthy glow

Immediately after foundation:
  • 100% said it helped foundation apply more evenly
  • 97% said it helped skin look smoother under foundation
  • 97% saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines when applied under foundation

After 1 week of use:
  • 100% said product felt nourishing
  • 100% said skin felt hydrated throughout the day
  • 100% said skin appeared more hydrated
  • 97% said skin felt softer & looked fresher
  • 97% said skin appeared smoother
*Based on a clinical moisturization & longwear evaluation at 8 & 12 hours post-application on 35 participants.
**Based on a consumer perception study conducted immediately after application & after 1 week of use on 35 participants.

Skinvigorating Ingredients:
  • Coconut: Nourishes to leave skin smooth & soft
  • Jojoba Extract: Naturally soothing extract that helps leave skin soft, supple & smooth
  • Grapeseed Extract: Helps hydrate without weighing down skin


Final Claims:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 12-hour hydration
  • Extends the wear of foundation
  • Cruelty free

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Base Tape Hydrating Primer (travel size)

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