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•Never before has your pHenomenal glow been so convenient.

•pHenomenal organic tan cloths are infused with our hero pHenomenal formula for a long lasting, natural looking tan in an easy to use, biodegradable cloth.

•Enriched with certified organic botanicals and supercharged with Advoganic technology, these handy cloths treat and condition your skin whilst giving you the healthiest, longest lasting, natural tan.

•Easy to use format for on-the-go tanning

•Long Lasting formula for up to 10* days

•Flash Dry™ technology ensures a quick dry application

•Develops to suit your skin tone

•Untinted formula for an invisible application

•Organic Botanicals hydrate skin, leaving it soft and conditioned!

Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan Infused Towels (2 pack)

SKU: VL0391078102680
  • 2 cloths

(Discounted from Suggested Retail Price)
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